Friday, January 28, 2011

Our Takeaways from Tea Parties with Mr Anthony Teo

Date/Time: 27 Jan 2011, Wed, 1100-1300hrs

1. 饮水思源.

2. NTUSIFE should explore the secondary area of a contemporary social need, and identify a focused niche to work on. Also, try to go the last mile for our beneficiaries.

3. NTUSIFE's portfolio should strike a balance of bite-sized and long-sized projects, so as to cater to the different learning preferences of Gen Y, Z...and beyond!

Whats your definition of leadership?

Dear fellow ex-Ps, Ps, ex-VPs, and VPs of SIFE

I would like to hear from you whats your definition of leadership?
And what aspirations do you have or had (For ex-Ps/VPs) for SIFE.

This is a great place for us to start, as it will define our approach in influencing the people around us. :)

You will also potentially observe the evolution or change in aspirations each P/VPs, have for SIFE, due to its age and phase of growth. :)


Hi all

This would be a personal initiative to start a blog where all future generations of SIFE leaders may review.

This is where we will share the resources, challenges, values and lessons we discover along our journey as the Ps or VPs of SIFE.

Some example of things to include are as follow:
1) Strategic management tools and skills
2) Project management tools and skills
3) Leadership competencies, types, skills and techniques

You are highly encourage to start topics, but all comments to topics should strictly be posted as a comment and NOT a topic, so not to clutter the blog unnecessarily.